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I’m white, have no major disability to speak of, I don’t belong to any religion, and I’m as straight as a ruler. What do I know about diversity, right? I have never been stopped for driving while being black, haven’t had the indignity of being gawked at for wearing a hijab, and have been lucky not to have had a strain placed on my education by ADHD, dyslexia, or “learning while being transgender.” You’d think I’m the last person to have authority to speak on these issues.

But I do have a condition that I share with my non-white, disabled, religious and/or LGBT friends—we call it the human condition. Not only do I have the authority to speak, I have the moral obligation to do so. My family occasionally uses terms that make me cringe. They complain about the immigrant issue at home in Germany. My mother is fine with homosexuals “as long as they leave the kids alone.” My nan once tried to cure my depression with a heartfelt “buck up.” Many times we have argued about these matters, and just as many times did I stay silent only to preserve the peace. Every time I keep quiet, I feel crummy.

However, and without making excuses for their insensitive language, they have never treated anyone differently because of what they are. My uncle is gay and a welcome guest at home, my nan used to be very friendly with a Turkish lady, and a couple of years ago, my parents attended their first Muslim wedding.

Think Big

Rhetoric is important, and supporting representation of the whole spectrum on Facebook and in blogs is wonderful, but our words must be followed by action.

Sadly, I’m not much of campaigner. Who is nowadays? Just getting from my bed to my sofa takes days and a backpack full of provisions. But action doesn’t have to mean chaining yourself to police stations. Treat people fairly. If you don’t know something about being transgender or if you keep getting your terms mixed up, ask or hit the search engine. Teach your children kindness to all men, women and those you aren’t sure about. Expand your horizons every day of your life.

As for me, I’m a writer, and I express my wishes and hopes by way of the worlds I create. It doesn’t bother me that most of my main characters are white and straight. White and straight is what I know. But just as my reality is composed of more than just me, so are my worlds populated by more than carbon copies of myself. Most recently, I made the Grim Reaper black, gave his daughter her own novella, and have teamed up a wheelchair-bound woman with an alpha werewolf who loves to run.

So when, earlier this year, I was presented with the opportunity to take part in a box set to celebrate diversity, I immediately thought of Ali, an Indonesian-American gay werewolf I first conceived of more than ten years ago when I wrote Guarded. I’ve been itching to give him his own spotlight, not because he has proven such an electrifying character so far, but because I suspected a lot of confusion, humor and spunk under his tight, accountant-type demeanor.

Many more authors, including USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors, have bravely stepped up to the plate, and Sigils and Spells is the product of our efforts. These 24 stories are just as riveting as you should expect from such an illustrious ensemble of talent, and the characters as quirky, inspiring and exciting as you’d hope. Their journeys will have you at the edge of your seat and their issues will resonate with you, no matter what you are—because in the end, it’s about who you are.

You can pre-order SIGILS AND SPELLS now from the retailer of your choice. It’s only $0.99 (or equivalent). Disneyland wouldn’t give you a cold cup of coffee for that price, while SIGILS AND SPELLS offers you 24 thrilling adventure rides you can’t find anywhere else. One word of warning before the adrenaline kicks in: this is a limited edition boxed set, so buy now before you miss your chance.

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Cross through the looking glass into Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopian realms where you’ll meet valiant heroes, kick-ass heroines, and dangerous creatures waiting to unveil the hidden corners of the universe.

SIGILS & SPELLS includes more than twenty exclusive novels that roam the sands of Egypt, slip into the shadows of 1940s Los Angeles, voyage to the mystical land of Mabi, and dare to traverse the stars.

From the deserts of Africa to the streets of San Antonio, mythological adventurers strike out to discover brand new worlds and unravel the mysteries of Earth in a limited edition boxed set offering the diversity and originality you haven’t been able to find before now.

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Learn how forbidden love makes for strange bedfellows in these modern fairy tales of love, lust, and deception.

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This is what you’ll find in Haunted by Love, a new anthology you’re going to love.

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Ten of your favorite romance authors have come together for a charity anthology. With vampires, witches, wizards, shifters, shadow walkers, fallen angels, demons, and a wraith king, you’re sure to be enthralled. Be prepared for greed, lust, lies, and betrayal to culminate in coups and menages. After all, the fate of the world often depends on the actions of hot alphas.

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About the March of Dimes

The March of Dimes was founded in 1938 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or Number 32, as the cool kids call him (erm, no; no one has ever called him that). He led the country from a wheelchair he needed because polio had paralyzed him. Today, its mission is to prevent premature births and help sick infants. Its slogan is “working together for stronger, healthier babies.” A cause all of us can get behind.

Haunted by Love can be yours for only a dime per story, or free via your KU subscription. Think about it: You get ten exclusive paranormal romance stories for less than the cost of a glass of wine in a bar or a hot drink from a coffee shop.

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Let me introduce just three of our stories:

Loving Lili – Nancee Cain

Their lovemaking is hot and dirty. Their break ups are nasty and epic.

Tired of taking the blame for every wicked thing that happens on earth, fallen angel Luc DeVille decides to write a tell-all-book exposing The Boss.

Sharing a long and passionate history, Luc is shocked when Lili Nix arrives to interview for the job as editor. Immediately the verbal sparring begins, but the sexual chemistry remains combustible. Fascinated by this heavenly creature, Luc changes his game plan. After all, she’s the only angel who has ever held his attention and understood his intentions.

Being in this world, but not of this world, is a lonely business. Can two lost angels connect and make it last this time?

Heat level: 3 1/2 flames

Arms of Danger – Kaiden Klein

Granted a second chance following her untimely demise in her former life, Helena has dedicated herself to protecting humans in her current one. It’s never been a problem, that is, until now, when she discovers the identity of her enemy.

With new revelations unfolding, a future of violence and enslavement gets closer to becoming a reality in the presently peaceful town.

To take on her enemy, she’ll need to acquire help from an unlikely ally; even then, the odds are against her.

Will Helena be able to save the ones she’s dedicated her life to protecting? Or, will evil win by using her secrets against her?

This is a story of greed, lies, lust, and betrayal.

In Love with a Shadow – Carmen Fox

Dabria, a death consultant, is hired to investigate Max Remo’s life expectancy, but Max is unlike any man she’s ever known. He’s a Shadow Walker. His existence is steeped in death—the dark kind of death her dad has always warned her about.

When her father disappears and the world’s fate falls into her hands, only Max can help. What starts as a friction-filled collaboration soon begins to sizzle as Max’s lifeless eyes and foreign charm wear down Dabria’s defenses.

Their journey takes them through the scorching heat of Africa into the cool silence of the Darkness, where their final obstacle demands a sacrifice neither of them may be willing to make.

Heat level: 1 (sweet).

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BOUND Struts Its Stuff

Hi guys

Thank you to everyone who voted for BOUND in this year’s Strut Your Stuff contest held by the Maine Romance Writers. Although we didn’t win the public vote (as you know, I keep my promo light and my social media on the DL), we did snag the judge’s first prize. This is becoming a trend for us. Of course we’re thrilled, and to celebrate, I’m giving away one free paperback of Guarded AND of Bound to one of its fans. Just contact me with the link to your review or rating, or simply tell me what you liked best about the book and why, at authorcarmenfox at gmai l dot com (no spaces).

But be quick. Offer expires by June 2. If you’ve won, I’ll be in touch by June 4. Good luck.

Einstein’s Genius – Room For Improvement

Hi guys!

I’ve been drowning in work recently, both at my day job and in writing. My lack of published books this year is in no way an admission of defeat. Consider it the calm before the storm. Yes, my schedule has been thrown completely out of whack. Once it’s all done, however, a heap of goodness should be coming your way.

Anyway, in the rare moments I came up for air, I turned on the TV. Trailers for the series “Genius” blasted across the screen, all perfectly dark and moody, in sync with the tumultuous life of Albert Einstein.

Now, Einstein’s mind has always been of interest to me, his experiences less so. Richard Feynman, well, here was a guy with an eventful life, and I’d love to watch that. Einstein’s just didn’t have the same pull for me. Still, I owed it to my physics roots to tune in.

What can I say? The names behind the faces and behind the camera promised a great adventure, and it was indeed beautifully choreographed. Sadly, I didn’t last longer than ten minutes.

My problem?

Einstein and the Germans surrounding him spoke English with an accent. ‘Of course they did,’ I hear you cry, but I meant they spoke English with a German accent. What’s the point? Fake German accents, too. We know they are German. It would be easy to assume they speak German even without the accents.

Ironically, the German characters’ German is spoken with a genuine English accent. Go figure. You might even wonder why they’d use any German words in the first place.

Either way, it’s a mess.

When we write, we spend a good deal of time thinking about our characters. What do they want? How do they get there? What accents they have gets maybe five seconds of our time. If English isn’t their native language, we give them an accent, but without making their sentences too broken. If they’re British, they speak British English, and Americans speak American. Simple rules.

In one of my books, my main character is German, but you wouldn’t know it from the way she speaks. Her nationality is a minor detail indicating what she is, rather than who she is. I shouldn’t distract the reader by unnecessarily complicating my characters’ backgrounds.

“Genius” would be so much more palatable if they dropped the accents. The Nazis and Nazi paraphernalia on the streets are all I need to place Einstein in Germany, assuming I didn’t already know his origins.

Focus on the story and on the characters. Give the readers and the audience what they’re after: a genuine story, and leave the gimmicks to lesser writers/film makers.

Of course, I might be blowing this out of proportions. Do these details matter to you?

What’s New, Easter Bunny?

April 2017

Hi guys

What’s new in your life?

BOUND has been doing well recently. It reached the final of the Strut Your Stuff contest, and due to a great review by InD’tale magazine last year, it has become a nominee for the prestigious RONE Awards.

I don’t have a shot in hell in reaching the final stage of the RONE Awards, because I have neither the reader base nor the social media reach. However, the Strut Your Stuff contest asks readers to rate covers and blurbs. Since this is a no-hassle and, more importantly, a fun way to be heard, I thought you might want to take part. It takes about two minutes. Cast your honest paranormal romance vote here.

I’ve just finished writing a Silverton novella that will be made available to my readers and newsletter subscribers. It’s an urban fantasy that’s a pretty fun read. It will be out at around the same time as Book 3 later this year. I’ll do a title and cover reveal soon.

Currently in editing are Moon Promise (a full-length paranormal romance), Divide and Conquer (a full-length urban fantasy), A Knight’s Quest KIDS!, an activity book, and the novella I just mentioned.

I’m currently writing Book 3 of The Silverton Chronicles and a Christmas novella.

Show Don’t Tell – Immersive Writing From The Roots Up will be released in paperbook form later this year, too.

I apologize for leaving you waiting, but Book 3 is coming along nicely. I think you’ll be happy with it.

Someone asked me the other day if I ever get time to read. The answer is yes, although not as much as I used to.

I have recently read The Hate U Give, a terrible and awesome YA book I highly recommend. Before that, I dug into Stephanie Garber’s Caravel, which was pretty cool, too. I was also judging in contests earlier this year and found some new-to-me authors that have now become auto-buys.

My collection of signed first editions has grown, too. Clearly I had to invest in signed copies of the two YA books I just mentioned, but I also have a thing for crime books. The problem is, my collection is growing so quickly, I’m running out of space.

The crosses we bear to support our book habits…

Anyway, if you have any questions, get in touch. My next update will be in May.

Happy Easter!

RIP Divide and Conquer – At Least For Now

As of April 1, Divide and Conquer will be no more. My publisher is in the process of taking the book down from all vendor sites.

At a time when women in fiction still find fulfillment mainly through their relationships, Divide and Conquer was styled to be a “buddy movie”-type story featuring two strong women as heroes. Men welcome, as long as they know to stand back.

Right now, the future of Divide and Conquer is undecided, but neither Lea nor Nieve will be forgotten.

My thanks go to my readers, my publisher (Champagne Books, especially Cassie), to Julie LaVoie, and of course to Celia Breslin, my editor. It’s been fun. We should do it again some day. 💋


Awards and Nominations

Thank you to everyone who voted in this year’s JABBIC, or Judge A Book By Its Cover, contest. There were two parts to this contest: Readers’ Choice and the Grand Prize voted on by Booksellers around the globe. Sadly we did not win the Readers’ Choice, but BOUND did scoop up the Grand Prize in the paranormal category.

I’m really giddy about it, because we put so much effort into this cover. My writing partner and I spent weeks coming up with concept art, which was brought to fruition by my fantastic cover designer Ana Grigoriu.

I should also mention that Bound was nominated for the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer’s Choice Award. It didn’t win, but then I dropped the ball both with this and the JABBIC competition, because I failed to notify my blog readers and didn’t even feature it in my newsletter. My bad. I was wrapped up in editing, and it’s hard enough to remember to breathe when I’m in the ‘editing trance.’

Now I get to listen to my story for a while, because hearing my words out loud puts a different spin on things–all part of the Carmen Fox Editing Machine.

See you on the other side!

January Update

Hello everyone!

As the first tumultuous month of the new year draws to a close, it is time to update you once again on what’s been happening in the den.

Mainly I’m doing lots of reading. I signed up to be a judge for a book competition, so I’m more or less glued to dead trees right now. It’s been far too long since I’ve power-read my way through a mountain of books, and I’m enjoying the process immensely.

On the flipside, more reading time equals less writing time, even though my tight schedule can’t readily absorb delays at the moment. After all, you’ve been waiting patiently for book 3 of The Silverton Chronicles, but no reason to panic just yet, because it is chugging along toward the finish line.

In my spare time, between watching TV and reading, I also made up a new bunch of puzzles for the kids’ version of A Knight’s Quest. Kids are going to love it (I hope). They’ll get brand-new mazes, logic puzzles, math and word games, brain teasers, and even a code-breaker marathon. Not sure about the publication date yet. First we need to ‘hire’ young volunteers who won’t sugarcoat their opinions.

Concept cover; not the final product.

That leaves Moon Promise (working title). It’s missing about three scenes at this stage, but this novella is definitely novel-length now. After editing, it will be around 60,000 words, or about 6 hours’ reading time. Oh my, I’m so pumped about this. It’s a paranormal romance, not an urban fantasy, but it’s still stuffed to the rim with plenty of plot. Unfortunately we are missing a good title for the series–but trust me, this shifter world has huge potential for more crimes and frolicking.

But Moon Promise won’t be released until the end of 2017. Come what may, Book 3 of The Silverton Chronicles will get prime billing this year.

I don’t often give specifics about my projects, and I understand it’s sometimes tough for you to share in my excitement. I’m sorry about this. But my secrecy is for your benefit. The greatest value of a book lies in its discovery. Newsletter subscribers get the scoop first, but not even they know the title of the next book or its plot yet. All I want to say is that readers who will join the Silverton crowd in book 3 will have an entirely different experience from readers who have been with us from day one.

As for Moon Promise, I don’t have a blurb or a tag line yet, but a provisional description might read something like this:

Kensi is not a sassy, kick-ass chick. She’s an alpha.

Until next time.


I don’t often autograph copies of my books, which is odd in as far as I’m also a collector of modern signed first editions. I’m the proud owner of signed copies of The Graveyard Book, Name of the Wind, Painted Man/Warded Man, Eragon, Skulduggery Pleasant, Underground Railroad, The Bone Season, Kim Harrison, Child 44, a number of signed anthologies, and many, many more.

As for my own books, only two signed copies of Bound exist, two of Divide and Conquer, and around ten autographed copies of Guarded.

Now a shipment of bookplates has arrived, and I’m sending some out to the first ten readers who will send proof of purchase (invoice or picture) of any paperback or hardback you own.

In case you didn’t know, Guarded and Bound also contain a handful of drawings, which are not available in the ebooks.

So send in your proof of purchase plus your address to authorcarmenfox at gmail dot com, but do so soon. This offer expires January 31.