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Florian has it all: excellent fashion sense, a kickass job with his best friend, and a hard-won place among Silverton’s werewolves. When a pack of females pads into their territory, Flo’s alpha dispatches him to handle a merger. Total cakewalk. Except Keely, their alpha, has no intention of submitting her wolves to Flo’s larger pack. Worse, a single glance from her baby blues sends his eloquence on vacation and his heartbeat into overdrive. His flirtations seem welcome too, but there’s a snag. She doesn’t know he’s a vampire.

While Flo struggles with his conflicts—obey his alpha or win over Keely—his estranged sire blasts into town with a catalog of radical ideas. And hanging out with unsophisticated werewolves didn’t make the list.

With violence in the air and all sides testing his loyalties, Florian must bite back, even if showing his fangs costs him the girl.

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Editorial Reviews for Bound

“[…] It’s these little morsels of deliciousness that give the book – and its author – a genuine stamp of authenticity and set it apart from other books in the urban fantasy genre.” Marta Tandori, Readers’ Favorite

“Readers of urban fantasy who look for both romance and rare humor in more complex stories of conflict will love Bound: The Silverton Chronicles, which takes passion and purpose and winds them into a captivating tale.” – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“This book had it all, sex, betrayal, secrets, demons, rogue werewolves and vampires. Keely was an amazing character, strong and totally devoted to the females in her care. Florian is a vampire always fighting to do the right thing and falling for a wolf who hates what he is.” Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Guild.

“Even when you put the book down, the story lingers in your mind and keeps your attention from focusing on anything else for too long.” Kerliza Foon, Readers’ Favorite

For full disclosure, here are quotes from all the reviews, good or bad, BOUND received on its blog tour.

“BOUND is a fun, sexy urban fantasy with lots of violence, a dash of humor, and some romance which are the exact ingredients for a pretty darn good urban fantasy story.”

“The writing is spectacular as I knew it would be. I have come to love the writing style of Ms Fox and I’m proud to say she has become a serious favorite!”

“Carmen Fox already won my heart from the first page.”

“The story is full of action, humor, and mystery. […] This is a great story for people who enjoy urban fantasies.”

Review: Bound by Carmen Fox

“Can’t wait till the next one comes out.”

“Hot and sexy, with wit and kick ass fight scenes.”

“I am quite in love with this series.”
(No rating given)

“Bound is a fast-paced story that will hold your attention until the very end.”

“Great storyline, easy writing style and enough romance, action, chuckles and character interactions to keep your attention through the entire book.”


“If you like vampires, werewolves, romance, and urban fantasy, this is a book for you.”

“This was a page turner that I could not put down and it kept me up until the wee hours like 3 am. […] Well done Carmen. Well freaking done.”

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Available as ebook and in print from all good online stores, and can be ordered by your local brick-and-mortar book retailer upon request if they don’t already stock it. The print version contains a handful of illustrations, which will not be included in the ebook format.

Guarded epub ISBN: 9780993199233
Guarded PB ISBN: 9780993199295
Guarded HC ISBN: 9780993199271








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