Conversations With The Dead


Release date: October 1, 2015

An Ode to the Short Short Story

Conversations With The Dead is a themed trio of very short stories—yes, very short stories—perhaps better described as anecdotes with a spooky twist.

In ‘Of Ghosts and Ghouls,’ Kelly Maguire is a very naughty girl, and her ill deeds have grave consequences. In ‘An Unwanted Birthday Gift,’ Mary Deavers discovers the unpalatable truth about her family. And in ‘Tomorrow Waits For No Man,’ Luke Winters gets stuck in traffic with an unusual passenger.

Carmen Fox is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance/mystery writer, and ‘Conversations With The Dead’ is her first exploration of the straight-forward paranormal. The ideas discussed would be out of place in her novel-length fiction, so they are offered here without promise, in the hope you might enjoy this excursion into the dying art form of the ‘short short story.’


This collection is perfect for Halloween. The collection came about from the author’s love of the anecdotal short story and as a way to thank her beta readers to whom this set is dedicated.








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